ESF Forward Look on Mathematics and Industry

Final Conference, Brussels, 2 December 2010

Location : Fondation Universitaire Stichting, Meeting room “Cattier”
Rue d’Egmontstraat 11, Brussels


09:00 hrs Welcome by

09:30 hrs Presentation of the Forward Look on Mathematics and Industry

By Professor Mario Primicerio and Professor Maria J. Esteban

10:00 hrs Coffee Break

10:20 hrs Recommendations and Roadmap for Mathematics and Industry

By Professor Magnus Fontes, Professor Yvon Maday, Professor Volker Mehrmann

11:20 hrs Panel Discussions

Panel Members: Professor Andreas Schuppert (BAYER), Dr. Damian Feord (DOW), Dr. Carole Moquin-Pattey (ESF),
Professor Frank De Clerck (ESF Member Organisations), Dr. Robert Leese (KTN for Industrial Mathematics)
Facilitator: ESF Communication Unit

12:20 hrs Open Discussions

12:40 hrs Conclusions
               by Professor Mario Primicerio, the EMS and the ESF

13:00 hrs Buffet-lunch