1) Frankfurt meeting of the EMS Applied Mathematics Committee (24 Sept. 08)

Participants : Prof.. Maria J. Esteban (CNRS), Prof. Helge Holden (representative of the Executive Committee of EMS), Prof. Sam Howison, Prof. Rolf Jeltsch, Prof. Steffen Lauritzen, Prof. Anders Lindquist, Prof. Yvon Maday, Prof. Piero Marcati, Prof. Luisa Mascarenhas, Prof. Volker Mehrmann, Prof. Lukasz Stetter, Prof. Helmut Neunzert, Prof. Mario Primicerio.

2) Pisa ESF scoping workshop (20-21 Dec. 08) :

Participants: Prof. Maria J. Esteban (France), Prof. Magnus Fontes (Sweden), Prof. Luca Formaggia (Italy), Prof. Michael Günther (Germany), Prof. Mats Gyllenberg (Finland), Prof. Matti Heiliö (Finland), Prof. Helge Holden (Norway), Prof. Willi Jaeger (Germany), Dr. Robert Leese (UK), Prof. Manuel de Leon (Spain), Prof. Anders Lindquist (Sweden), Prof. Y. Maday (France), Prof. Mario Primicerio (Italy), Prof. Jose-Francisco Rodrigues (Portugal), Prof. Wil Schilders (The Netherlands).

Observer : Prof. Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, member of the Scientific Advisory Board of ESF.
Facilitators : Chantal Durant (PESC Unit) and Dr. Thibaut Lery (Chief Executive Unit, ESF).

3) Paris ESF drafting workshop (26-27 Jan. 09)

Participants : Prof. Maria J. Esteban, Prof. Magnus Fontes, Prof. Yvon Maday, Prof. Mario Primicerio.

Observers: Prof. Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the ESF. Prof. François Blanchard and Dr. Jean-Marc Gambaudo science officer attached to the Director General of CNRS for a new institute of mathematics, former deputy director of the mathematics scientific department in CNRS. Prof. Mats Gyllenberg (Chair of the PESC Standing Committee of ESF).

Facilitator : Dr. Thibaut Lery (Chief Executive Unit, ESF)


1) Kick-off meeting, CNR, Roma, 16-17 april 2009 Detailed presentation Minutes of the meeting

Present : Mario Primicerio (Chair), Magnus Fontes (SE), Josselin Garnier (FR), Michael Günther (DE), Matti Heilio (FI), Rolf Jeltsch (CH), Robert Leese (UK), Anders Lindquist (SE), Yvon Maday (FR), Volker Mehrmann (DE), Alessandra Micheletti (IT), Marek Niezgodka (PL), Wojciech Okrasinski (PL), Alfio Quarteroni (IT), Peregrina Quintela Estevez (ES), Jose Francisco Rodrigues (PT), Konrad Steiner (DE), Michael J. Wallace (IE), Thibaut Lery (ESF), Chantal Durant (ESF)

Apologies : Maria J. Esteban (FR), Willy Jaeger (DE), Pierangelo Marcati (IT), Ronny Ramlau (AT).
2) Meeting of the presidents of the Mathematical Societies of Europe with EMS: Warsaw 9-10 May (R.Jeltsch, M. Guenther, M. Niezgodka, W. Obrasinki will present our project).

3) Alignment conference Strasbourg, 16-17 November 2009 - (SOC +).

4) Preparatory meeting for the Consensus Conference, Oxford, 12 april 2010 (SOC).

5) Consensus Conference, Madrid, 26-27 april 2010. More than 120 participants.




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