Intervenant : LOSS Michael (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Titre :
Optimal criteria for magnetic fields that bind electrons

Le : 30/05/2022 de : 14:30 à : 15:30
This talk will provide a basic introduction to the three dimensional Dirac equation that describes an electron interacting with a magnetic field. Over the years a lot of work has gone into constructing zero energy solutions, also known as zero modes, for said equation. In this talk I will explain the importance of zero modes and will show how they relate to the stability of the hydrogen atom. After presenting explicit examples, I will state necessary conditions for the magnetic field so that zero modes exist. Here, of particular interest is a sharp inequality that is optimized by a magnetic field whose field lines are interlinking circles. This pattern results from pulling back the Hopf fibration on the three sphere to three dimensional space using the stereographic projection.
Salle : A709