Page web personelle

The lab allows everyone to have a personal web page at the address: These pages are hosted on the machine .

There are two possibilities to create your personal web page.

1.PluXml - Turnkey solution

The first one is a turnkey solution based on the CMS PluXml, it is a flatfile CMS that does not require any database. A theme and a configuration plugin of this theme has been developed to harmonize the content of personal pages. If you want a solution that requires no knowledge of web development you can follow the instructions by clicking HERE.

2. personal development

The second solution is to create yourself the code that will display your web page. We do not favor this solution because it is advised to advanced users in development and who follow the updates of different languages used in order not to create a security breach. If a security breach was to be revealed the site would be immediately inaccessible until the problem is solved, if no solution is found we will direct the user to choose the first solution. If you still want to use this solution follow the instructions by clicking HERE.