pluxml - solution clé en main

Installation of Pluxml

For security reasons and simplicity of administration, after you have expressed the need, one of the members of the IT department performs the installation and then informs you by email once everything is ready.

Theme configuration

To begin it is important to configure the parameters of the different fields that will be displayed by default on the homepage. 01.pluxml.home

to do this, you must go to the administration part of your site:


Login with your user account and password.

Once logged in, click on the CEREMADE Configuration section in the left menu.


Fill in the fields and choose a picture then click on save at the top of the bar.

Add content

To add content to your site you must create static pages.


In the left menu click on Static pages to create your pages.

Create a page

To create a page you have to fill in a Title choose if this page will be visible by choosing YES/NO in the field Active, choose the order of arrival in the static menu of your site and if you want it to be displayed in this menu. Then click on the Edit static page list button.

Edit a page

To edit a page click on Edit on the right in the line corresponding to the page.


In the field content you can put the content to display on the page.

For your site to be better referenced by search engines, it is important to fill in the optional fields Content of the title tag which will be displayed in the tab at the top of your browser, as well as Content of the keywords tag these are keywords that correspond to the content of the page.

Media management

Pluxml allows you to manage different types of files such as pdf, word/ecel documents or even images and videos to insert in your pages.


You can create a treeessance by clicking on the New folder button. Then to add files just click on Add files.

Future evolutions

Pluxml allows the creation of plugin to enhance your site with additional features. The IT department will evolve this solution by developing different plugins according to the needs expressed.