• Sharp Beckner-type inequalities for Cauchy and spherical distributions. Bakry, D. & Gentil, I. & Scheffer, G. Hal: 01761215
  • New sharp Gagliardo-Nirenberg-Sobolev inequalities and an improved Borell-Brascamp-Lieb inequality. D. Cordero, F. Bolley, Y. Fujita, I. Gentil, A. Guillin Hal: 01464530
  • Rigidity results in generalized isothermal fluids. Carles, R. & Carrapatoso, K. & Hillairet, M. Hal: 01738494 arXiv: 1803.07837
  • Reverse Hardy-Littlewood-Sobolev inequalities. Dolbeault, J. & Frank, R.L. & Hoffmann, F. Hal: 01735446 arXiv: 1803.06151
  • Stein kernels and moment maps. Fathi, M. arXiv: 1804.04699
  • Emergence of oscillatory behaviors for excitable systems with noise and mean-field interaction, a slow-fast dynamics approach. Luçon, E. and Poquet, C. arXiv: 1802.06410
  • Magnetic rings. Dolbeault, J. & Esteban, M.J. & Laptev, A. & Loss, M. Hal: 01680917 arXiv: 1801.03810


  • Entropic multipliers method for Langevin diffusion and weighted log Sobolev inequalities. Cattiaux, P. & Guillin, A. & Monmarché, P. & Zhang, C. Hal: 01571610 arXiv: 1708.01058
  • Optimal linear drift for the speed of convergence of an hypoelliptic diffusion. Guillin, A. & Monmarché, P. Hal: 01306884
  • Phi-entropies for Fokker-Planck and kinetic Fokker-Planck equations. Dolbeault, J. & Li, X. Hal: 01672455 arXiv: 1712.09897
  • Symmetry and symmetry breaking: rigidity and flows in elliptic PDEs. Dolbeault, J. & Esteban, M.J. & Loss, M. Hal: 01651793 arXiv: 1711.11291
  • Cauchy theory and exponential stability for inhomogeneous Boltzmann equation for hard potentials without cut-off. Hérau, F. & Tonon, D. & Tristani, I. Hal: hal-01599973
  • Short time diffusion properties of inhomogeneous kinetic equations with fractional collision kernel. Hérau, F. & Tonon, D. & Tristani, I. Hal: hal-01596009
  • Hypocoercivity without confinement. Bouin, E. & Dolbeault, J. & Mischler, S. & Mouhot, C. & Schmeiser, C. Hal: 01575501 arXiv: 1708.06180
  • Dynamics of a planar Coulomb gas. Bolley, F. & Chafaï, D. & Fontbona, J. arXiv:1706.08776
  • Equilibrium large deviations for mean-field systems with translation invariance. Reygner, J. arXiv:1706.08780
  • Long time behaviour and mean-field limit of Atlas models. Reygner, J. arXiv:1705.08140

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