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Pegon Paul

Associate Professor
Phone : 01 44 05 42 06
Office : B520
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Latest publications


Colombo M., de Rosa A., Marchese A., Pegon P., Prouff A. (2022), Stability of optimal traffic plans in the irrigation problem, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems, vol. 42, n°4, p. 1647-1667

Pegon P., Santambrogio F., Xia Q. (2019), A fractal shape optimization problem in branched transport, Journal de mathématiques pures et appliquées, vol. 123, n°Mars 2019, p. 244-269

Bochard P., Pegon P. (2017), Kinetic selection principle for curl-free vector fields of unit norm, Communications in Partial Differential Equations, vol. 42, n°9, p. 1375-1402

Pegon P., Santambrogio F., Piazzoli D. (2015), Full characterization of optimal transport plans for concave costs, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems, vol. 35, n°12, p. 6113-6132

Lesesvre D., Pegon P., Santambrogio F. (2013), Optimal Transportation with an Oscillation-Type Cost: The One-Dimensional Case, Set-Valued and Variational Analysis, vol. 21, n°3, p. 541-556

Chapitres d'ouvrage

Pegon P. (2017), On the Lagrangian Branched Transport Model and the Equivalence with its Eulerian Formulation, in Bergounioux, Maïtine / Oudet, Édouard / Rumpf, Martin / Carlier, Guillaume / Champion, Thierry / Santambrogio, Filippo, Topological Optimization and Optimal Transport In the Applied Sciences De Gruyter, p. 281-303

Prépublications / Cahiers de recherche

Monteil A., Pegon P. (2022), Mass concentration in rescaled first order integral functionals, Paris, Cahier de recherche CEREMADE, Université Paris Dauphine-PSL, 38 p.

Carlier G., Pegon P., Tamanini L. (2022), Convergence rate of general entropic optimal transport costs, Paris, Cahier de recherche CEREMADE, Université Paris Dauphine-PSL, 31 p.

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