Environmental Responsibility

A working group entitled "Environmental Responsibility" was created in Ceremade in 2021.

Some orders of magnitude

Greenhouse gas emissions are measured in tons of CO2 equivalent (teqCO2). A French adult :
 •    emitted an average of 6.9 teqCO2 during 2019,
 •   would have to emit between 0.8 and 2 teqCO2 per year to comply with the Paris agreements (source).

To give an idea, 1 teqCO2 corresponds to:

  • 1 round trip Paris-New York by plane (source) ;
  • 22 kg of beef steak (source) ;
  • 3 round trips Paris-Marseille by car (source) ;
  • 215 round trips Paris-Marseille by train (source) ;
  • 17000 KWh of electricity in France (source) ;
  • 27000 h of streaming (source) ;
  • 28000 mails with attachments (source) ;
  • 80 hotel nights in London (source).



The Environmental Responsibility Working Group is currently composed of 10 members.

Isabelle Bellier (BIATSS), Patrick Bernard (PR), Jean Dolbeault (DR), Maria J. Esteban (DR), César Faivre (BIATSS), David Gontier (MCF), François Huveneers (MCF), Vincent Rivoirard (PR), Robin Ryder (MCF), Yannick Viossat (MCF).


The Environmental Responsibility working group has been tasked to compute the carbon footprint of CEREMADE in 2019, using the methodology proposed by the Labos1point5 collective. The group is also in charge of proposing measures to reduce the laboratory's emissions.


Carbon footprint of CEREMADE in 2019

The laboratory's total emissions for the year 2019 are summarized in the following graph (in French):

In addition to what is included in the GES 1point5 tool, we have added the purchases of computers and monitors.

We note the very large share associated with travel, and more specifically with airplanes in these emissions, while aviation represents only 6.4% of CO2 emissions in France (source).

If we look at average and individual emissions, we will see a very large disparity in behavior: