Rencontres Statistiques du CEREMADE (Radu Stoica, lundi 6 mars)

2 février 23

La prochaine séance des Rencontres statistiques du CEREMADE aura lieu lundi 6 mars à 14 h en salle A707. Nous aurons le plaisir d'accueillir Radu Stoica (Université de Lorraine), qui nous parlera de "Random structures and patterns in spatio-temporal data: probabilistic modelling and statistical inference".

TitreRandom structures and patterns in spatio-temporal data: probabilistic modelling and statistical inference

RésuméThe useful information carried by spatio-temporal data is often outlined by geometric structures and patterns. Filaments or clusters induced by galaxy positions in our Universe are such an example.
Two situations are to be considered. First, the pattern of interest is hidden in the data set, hence the pattern should be detected. Second, the structure to be studied is observed, so relevant characterization of it should be done.
Probabilistic modelling is one of the approaches that allows to furnish answers to these questions. This is done by developing unitary methodologies embracing simultaneously three directions: modelling, simulation and inference.
This talk presents the use of marked point processes applied to such structures detection and characterization. Practical examples are also shown.