Séminaire Analyse-Proba (Alessandra Occelli, mardi 18 avril)

14 avril 23

Le prochain séminaire Analyse-Proba aura lieu mardi 18 avril à 10h30 en salle A711. Alessandra Occelli (Université d’Angers) nous parlera de "From ABC to KPZ".

TitleFrom ABC to KPZ


We study the equilibrium fluctuations of an interacting particle system evolving on the discrete ring with three species of particles that we name A, B and C, but at each site there is only one particle. We prove that proper choices of density fluctuation fields (that match of those from nonlinear fluctuating hydrodynamics theory) associated to the conserved quantities converge, in the limit of infinite number of particles, to a system of stochastic partial differential equations, that can either be the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck equation or the Stochastic Burgers' equation.

Based on a joint work with G. Cannizzaro P. Gonçalves and R. Misturini. ArXiv:2304.02344.