Séminaire Analyse-Proba (Fabio Ancona, mardi 27 février)

26 février 24

Le prochain séminaire Analyse-Proba aura lieu mardi 27 février à 10h30 en salle A711. Fabio ANCONA (Università degli Studi di Padova) nous parlera de "Hard congestion limit of one-dimensional Euler equations with singular pressure in the BV setting."

Title : Hard congestion limit of one-dimensional Euler equations with singular pressure in the BV setting

The Euler equations with a maximal density constraint (hard congestion model) can be approximated by the system of gas dynamics with a singular pressure law (soft congestion model). I will present a rigorous justification of this singular limit in the setting of BV 
solutions. We will consider small BV perturbations of reference solutions constituted by (possibly interacting) large shock waves, which represent free/congested interfaces (in fact, this is a free boundary problem). The analysis is based on a front-tracking algorithm and on the introduction of appropriate rescaling of the singular pressure. This is a work in collaboration with R. Bianchini (IAC-CNR, Rome) and C. Perrin (CNRS, Aix Marseille Univ.).