Séminaire Analyse-Proba (Peter Friz, mardi 16 mai)

9 mai 23

Le prochain séminaire Analyse-Proba aura lieu mardi 16 mai à 10h30 en salle A711. Peter Friz (TU et WIAS Berlin) nous parlera de "On Liouville Brownian rough paths".

TitleOn Liouville Brownian rough paths

Abstract : A Riemannian metric gives rise to the Laplace-Beltrami operator which generates, as Markov process, a natural symmetric diffusion process known as Brownian motion. About 10 years ago, Garban-Rhodes-Vargas and (simultaneously) Berestycki introduced "Liouville Brownian motion", based on a highly singular metric, obtained by multiplying the planar Euclidean metric by the exponential of the Gaussian free field. I will report on a project with Sebastian Andres (Manchester) and Yizheng Yuan (Cambridge) on the construction of Liouville Brownian rough paths.