Third year PhD students' Day - Tuesday 26th March - A709

11 mars 24

Tuesday 26th March at 9am we will meet in room A709 for the Third year PhD students' day. It will be followed by a buffet at Espace 7. Here is the program of the morning.


9h05 - 9h20        Discrete-to-continuum mean curvature flow 
                            Daniele De Gennaro

9h20 - 9h35         Statistical inference for rough volatility
                            Grégoire Szymanski

9h35  - 9h50       A quick walk through relativistic quantum systems 
                            Umberto Morellini

9h50 - 10h05       Existence and unicity of stationary equilibria in
                             macroeconomic models with heterogeneous agents
Diego Murillo Taborda

10h05 - 10h20     Recurrent Viscosity Solutions 
                             Skander Charfi 

10h20 - 10h45     Coffee Break

10h45 - 11h         Deep Learning Enhanced Segmentation through Chan-Vese
                            Minimization and Geodesic Distance Metrics for Tubular
                            Structure Analysis

                            Nicolas Makaroff

11h - 11h15         Global existence for compressible Navier-Stokes-Korteweg

                             Jean-Paul Adogbo

11h15 - 11h30      Non-decreasing martingale couplings
                             Kexin Shao

11h30 - 11h45       Edge states in half-graphene
                              Camilo Gomez Araya

11h45 - 12h00       A New look at mortality models with Generalized
                              Linear Models

                              Antoine Burg

12h00 -                  Lunch