Curriculum vitae

Olteanu Madalina

Professeur des universités

Dernières publications


Lamirel J-C., Cottrell M., Olteanu M., Lévy B. (2020), Editorial of Special Issue on WSOM+ 2017, Neural Computing and Applications, vol. 32, p. 17973-17975

Alerini J., Olteanu M., Ridgway J. (2017), Markov and the Duchy of Savoy: segmenting a century with regime-switching models, Journal de la Société française de statistique, vol. 158, n°2, p. 89-117

Communications avec actes

Chavent M., Lacaille J., Mourer A., Olteanu M. (2021), Handling Correlations in Random Forests: which Impacts on Variable Importance and Model Interpretability?, in , ESANN,, 569-574 p.

Chavent M., Lacaille J., Mourer A., Olteanu M. (2020), Sparse k-means for mixed data via group-sparse clustering, in ,

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