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Bernard Patrick

Professeur des universités
Tel : 01 44 05 48 72
Bureau : C 618 bis

Dernières publications


Bernard P. (2024), Non-degeneracy of closed orbits for generic potentials, Journal de l'école Polytechnique. Mathématiques, vol. 11, p. 363-393

Bernard P. (2023), The Siegel-Bruno linearization Theorem, Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, vol. 28, n°4-5, p. 756-762

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Bernard P., Kaloshin V., Zhang K. (2017), Arnold diffusion in arbitrary degrees of freedom and normally hyperbolic invariant cylinders, Acta Mathematica, vol. 217, n°1, p. 1-79

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Bernard P., Labrousse C. (2016), An entropic characterization of the flat metrics on the two torus, Geometriae Dedicata, vol. 180, n°1, p. 187-201

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Bernard P. (2010), Lasry-Lions regularization and a Lemma of Ilmanen, Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico della Università di Padova, vol. 124, p. 221-229

Bernard P. (2010), Large Normally Hyperbolic Cylinders in a priori Stable Hamiltonian Systems, Annales Henri Poincaré, vol. 11, n°5, p. 929-942

Bernard P. (2008), Young measures, superposition and transport, Indiana University Mathematics Journal, vol. 57, n°1, p. 247-276

Ambrosio L., Bernard P. (2008), Uniqueness of signed measures solving the continuity equation for Osgood vector fields, Atti della Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. Classe di scienze fisiche, matematiche e naturali, Matematica e applicazioni, vol. 19, n°3, p. 237--245

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Bernard P. (2008), The dynamics of pseudographs in convex Hamiltonian systems, Journal of the American Mathematical Society, vol. 21, n°3, p. 615-669

Bernard P. (2007), Existence of C1,1 critical sub-solutions of the Hamilton-Jacobi equation on compact manifolds, Annales scientifiques de l'Ecole normale supérieure, vol. 40, n°3, p. 445-452

Buffoni B., Bernard P. (2007), Optimal mass transportation and Mather theory, Journal of the European Mathematical Society, vol. 9, n°1, p. 85-121

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Buffoni B., Bernard P. (2006), The Monge problem for supercritical Mane potentials on compact manifolds, Advances in Mathematics, vol. 207, n°2, p. 691-706

Bernard P. (2003), Homoclinic orbit to a center manifold, Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations, vol. 17, n°2, p. 121-157

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Chapitres d'ouvrage

Bernard P. (2006), Hamiltonian Systems: Stability and Instability Theory, in Tsou, S.T., Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics Elsevier, p. 261

Communications avec actes

Buffoni B., Bernard P. (2007), Weak KAM pairs and Monge-Kantorovich duality, in Yanagida, Eiji, Asymptotic Analysis and Singularities: Elliptic and Parabolic PDEs and Related Problems, Sendai, American Mathematical Society, 410 p.

Communications sans actes

Bernard P. (2012), Arnold's Diffusion: from the a priori unstable to the a priori stable case., ICM 2010, Hyderabad, Inde

Bernard P. (2012), Some remarks on the continuity equation, Séminaire: Équations aux Dérivées Partielles, Palaiseau, France

Prépublications / Cahiers de recherche

Aslani S., Bernard P. (2022), Bumpy metric theorem in the sense of Mané for non-convex Hamiltonians, Paris, Cahier de recherche CEREMADE, Université Paris Dauphine-PSL, 18 p.

Bernard P., Suhr S. (2017), On causal functions, Paris, Cahier de recherche CEREMADE, Université Paris Dauphine-PSL, 7 p.

Jézéquel T., Bernard P., Lombardi E. (2014), Homoclinic connections with many loops near a 02iw resonant fixed point for Hamiltonian systems, Paris, Preprints Ceremade, 79 p.

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