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Unité Mixte de Recherche du C.N.R.S. N°7534
Abstract : We address the problem of finding a set of contour curves in an image. We consider the problem of perceptual grouping and contour completion, where the data is a set of points in the image. A new method to find complete curves from a set of contours or edge points is presented. Our approach is based on a previous work on finding contours as minimal paths between two end points using the fast marching algorithm \cite{Cohen_Kimmel2}. Given a set of key points, we find the pairs of points that have to be linked and the paths that join them. We use the {\sl saddle points} of the minimal action map. The paths are obtained by backpropagation from the {\sl saddle points} to both points of each pair. In a second part, we propose a scheme that does not need key points for initialization. A set of key points is automatically selected from a larger set of admissible points. At the same time, saddle points between pairs of key points are extracted. Next, paths are drawn on the image and give the minimal paths between selected pairs of points. The set of minimal paths completes the initial set of contours and allows to close them. We illustrate the capability of our approach to close contours with examples on various images of sets of edge points of shapes with missing contours.
COHEN Laurent
Université de PARIS - DAUPHINE
Place du Maréchal de Lattre De Tassigny - 75775 PARIS CEDEX 16 - FRANCE
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