The master in Applied and Theoretical Mathematics is an advanced one-year training which prepares students for a doctorate in mathematics in one of the following fields:

Our master is also adapted for students with a background in physics who aim at acquiring the key tools for the mathematical modelling of physical phenomena. In particular, thanks to a partnership with the ICFP Master in Physics of ENS, we offer the possibility to follow some courses in the physics department of ENS and to validate a minor in physics.

This program can also lead directly to the job market: after graduation, our students can get into the industrial research and development sector.

We provide individual guidance aimed at helping each student to make the most of our extensive program offer and to find a suitable master thesis director. International students are very welcome. Most courses are taught in English and a full curriculum in English is possible.

This program is based in particular on the research teams in mathematics at CEREMADE (Université Paris Dauphine PSL) or DMA (ENS PSL), as well as at École des Mines Paris PSL , at Observatoire de Paris PSL, at the EHESS, and Collège de France.

The Master is part of the Graduate Program in Mathematics  at  PSL Research University, and it benefits from an exceptional environment for studying mathematics : in 2023, in mathemacics, PSL Research University is ranked 12th in the Shangai ranking, 7th in the US News ranking and 12th in the QS ranking.


Students who have completed a BAC+4 degree (a four-year degree worth 240 ECTS credits) or equivalent in Dauphine or another university or institution of higher education in applied mathematics.

There are two stages to the admissions process:

Students can apply for a scholarship to finance their master studies. See below.


Future students may apply for scholarships to finance their studies. Two institutions offer scholarships for our program:

The following two kinds of scholarships exist:

Note that laureates of any of the above scholarships will need to also follow the standard administrative steps for their enrolment in the master according to the standard procedure and deadlines (see here). Yet, their admission in the master will be automatically approved by the M2 committee without going through any further evaluation step.

International Students

International students are very welcome. Most courses are offered in English, making it possible to follow a full curriculum in English.

Besides, PSL promotes bilateral exchanges of students with several partner institutions around the world, for instance through the Erasmus program. The MATH Master also takes part in the international program MAPPA in collaboration with the University of Padova. Write to Ariane Corblet for more information on exchanges, and see the section above on scholarships for possibilities of financial help.


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