MRF'99: Mathematics and Shape Recognition,
Mathématique et reconnaissance de formes
CIRM, Luminy, April 26-30 1999,

Programme detaille/ Detailed Program

Soutenu par le GDR ``Mathématiques des systèmes perceptifs et cognitifs''

Organisé par:

Laurent Cohen  Ceremade, Université Paris Dauphine 
Alain Trouvé  Université Paris XIII 
Laurent Younes  CMLA ENS Cachan 

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Invited speakers
(Conférenciers invités:)

Yali Amit  University of Chicago 
Object detection through deformable templates: from snakes to spiders and back ( abstract ). 

Robert Azencott  CMLA, ENS de Cachan 
Complexite et graphes d'aspects: apprentissage de formes 3D  

Patrick Bouthemy  IRISA/INRIA Rennes 
Spatio-temporal video segmentation and representation for video indexing: new issues in motion analysis  ( abstract

Paul Dupuis  Brown University 
A maximum likelihood interpretation for certain variational problems that arise in image matching  ( abstract

Peter Giblin  University of Liverpool 
Symmetry sets and medial axes for euclidean and affine invariance ( abstract). 

Wilfrid Kendall   Dept of statistics, university of Warwick 
Perfect simulation and stochastic geometry ( abstract )  

Allen R. Tannenbaum  University of Minnesota 
Geometric PDE's for Shape and Object Recognition( abstract )  

Steven Zucker  Yale University 
Complexity and Confusion in Computational Vision( compressed postscript paper

Propositions of short communications
(proposition de communications courtes)

During the workshop, to In addition to the two-hour talks of the main speakers, short talk sessions (half an hour) will be scheduled for the participants to present their current research. Those who wish to give a short talk are invited to submit an extended abstract (1 or 2 pages) by February 25, 1999, to the organizers . Electronic submission is prefered, but you can also use the postal mail address below.  The abstract should contain the following information on its first page.

  1. Title of the short talk
  2. Name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s)
  3. Name and address of the person to be contacted, and also his/her phone/fax number(s) and E-mail address if available


Because of the limited amount of available rooms at the CIRM, participants are required to pre-register before Feb. 25 1999. You just need to send a mail to, in which you say that you are interested in attending the workshop, together with your name, affiliation, e-mail and postal addresses. Confirmation of the registration will be sent in March 1999, together with the complete registration form which is required by the CIRM. Unless for very exceptional cases, we will not be able to provide refunds neither for the travel costs nor for the accommodation costs at the CIRM.

For more information, contact the organizing commitee :
Address: MRF'99, CMLA, ENS de Cachan, 61 avenue du président Wilson, 94235 Cachan CEDEX

Programme detaille :
Des espaces sont encore disponibles pour ajouter des exposes des participants en fin d'apres midi ou en soiree.
Le programme de l'un des apres-midi pourrait aussi etre reamenage pour permettre une sortie dans les calanques proches du CIRM, si le temps le permet.

  Lundi 26 Mardi 27 Mercredi 28 Jeudi 29 Vendredi 30
9:00-11:00 Y. Amit P. Bouthemy W. Kendall P. Giblin P. Dupuis
11:00-11:15 Pause Pause Pause Pause Pause
11:15-12:15 C. Samson
D. Pasquignon
R. Gribonval
A. Perchant
F. Richard
12:15-14:00 Repas Repas Repas Repas Repas
15:00-17:00 A. Tannenbaum S. Zucker R. Azencott    
  Cocktail de        

Short Communications
(Conférenciers invités:)

Christophe Samson   Inria Sophia  
Supervised image restoration using a variational approach ( abstract ). 
Denis Pasquignon   CEREMADE  
Calcul du squelette des formes ( abstract ). 
Remi Gribonval   CMAP  
Matching Pursuit avec un dictionnaire d'atomes chirpes ( These en pdf, These en Postscript, abstract ). 
Aymeric Perchant   ENST  
Comparison of scene segmentations using connected partition lattice ( abstract ). 
Frederic Richard Paris V 
The hyperelastic approach to the image-matching problem and its
application to the correction of normal asymmetries in mammogram pairs.( abstract ).