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    Current Position

Assistant Professor
(Maitre de Conferences)
Université Paris Dauphine

Currently on leave at Seminar für Statistik, ETH, Zürich


1999 Diplome d'Ingenieur Civil, Ecole des Mines de Paris, France
2004 PhD in Statistics, University of Washington, Seattle, USA
2012 Habilitation a Diriger la Recherche, University Paris-Dauphine


Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics (Bachelor and Master, ETH)
Likelihood inference (Master, UZH)
Introduction to Measure Theory (L3 - MIDO)
Mathematical Statistics (L3 - MIDO)
Polycopie de Statistique Mathematique : pdf
Frequently Asked Questions (in French): pdf
On the convergence in distribution (in French): pdf

Statistical tests (Master 2 - ISF)
Statistics (L2 - MIDO)
Real Analysis (L1 - DEGEAD)

    Research Interests

Nonparametric estimation under shape constraints
Approximation theory - Splines
Empirical processes
Inverse problems
Testing problems

   Service to the scientific community

2009 - present: Associate Editor for the Electronic Journal of Statistics

2014 - 2015: Academic advisor for the international relationships at Université Paris Dauphine

2014 - 2015: Administrative and academic co-advisor (with F. Huveneers) for the course Real Analysis (L1 - DEGEAD)

   Working Papers

Score estimation in the monotone single index model.
(with S. Basu)

Revisting maximum likelihood estimation of a unimodal sequence.
(with C. Durot)

   Submitted Papers

F. Balabdaoui, C. Durot and H. Jankowski (2016)
Least squares estimation in the monotone single index model.

F. Balabdaoui, C. Durot and F. Koladjo (2016)
Testing convexity of a discrete distribution.

F. Balabdaoui (2016)
The limit distribution of the Hodges-Lehmann estimator in a two component location mixture of symmetric distributions.

    Publications and Accepted Papers

W. Wei, F.Balabdaoui and L. Held (2016)
Calibration tests for multivariate Gaussian forecasts, accepted in Journal of multivariate analysis.

F. Balabdaoui and C. Doss (2016).
Inference for a mixture of symmetric distributions under log-concavity, accepted for publication in Journal of Bernoulli .

F. Balabdaoui and H. K. Jankowski (2016).
Maximum Likelihood estimation of a unimodal probability mass function, accepted for publication in Statistica Sinica .

F.Balabdaoui, C. Durot and F. Koladjo (2016).
On asymptotics of the discrete convex LSE of a pmf, to appear in Journal of Bernoulli .

F. Balabdaoui and S. Basu (2016).
Letter to the Editor. Comments on Groparu-Cojocaru and Doray (2013), to apear in Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation .

F. Balabdaoui and C. Durot (2015).
Marshall lemma in discrete convex estimation, Statistics and Probability Letters 99, 143-148.

F. Balabdaoui and C. Butucea (2014).
On location mixtures with Polya frequency components, Statistics and Probability Letters 95, 144-149.

F. Balabdaoui (2014).
Global convergence of the log-concave MLE when the truth is geometric, Journal of Nonparametric Statistics 26, 21-59.

F. Balabdaoui and J. A. Wellner (2014).
Chernoff's density is log-concave, Journal of Bernoulli 20, 231-244.

N. Akakpo, F. Balabdadoui and C. Durot (2014).
Testing monotonicity via local least concave majorants, Journal of Bernoulli 20, 514-544.

F. Balabdaoui (2013).
Discussion on "How to find an appropriate clustering for mixed type variables with application to socio-economic stratification" by Christian Henning and Tim Liao, JRSS-C 62, 309-369.

F. Balabdaoui, H. Jankowski, K. Rufibach and M. Pavlides (2013).
Asymptotic distribution of the discrete log-concave MLE and related applications, JRSS-B 75, 769-790.

F. Balabdaoui and K. Filali (2012).
Efficient computation of the cdf of the distribution of the maximal difference between a Brownian bridge and its concave majorant, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation 82, 405-418.

F. Balabdaoui and J. Pitman (2011).
The distribution of the maximal difference between Brownian bridge and its concave majorant, Bernoulli 17, 466-483.

F. Balabdaoui, H. Jankowski, M. Pavlides, A.Seregin and J. A. Wellner (2011).
On the Grenander estimator at zero, Statistica Sinica 21, 873--899.

L.Held, K. Rufibach and F. Balabadaoui (2010).
A score regression approach to assess calibration of continuous probabilistic predictions, Biometrics 66, 12951305.

F. Balabdaoui, K. Rufibach and F. Santambrogio (2010).
Least Squares estimation of two ordered monotone regression curves, Journal of Nonparametric Statistics 22, 10191037.

Balabdaoui, F. and Wellner J. A. (2010).
Estimation of a k-monotone density: characterizations, consistency and minimax lower bounds, Statistica Neerlandica 64, 45-70.

Balabdaoui, F., Bissantz, K., Bissantz, N. and Holzmann, H. (2010).
Demonstrating single- and multiple currents through the E. coli-SecYEG-pore:Testing for the number of modes of noisy observations, JASA and Case Studies 105, 136146.

F. Balabdaoui, M. Mielke and A. Munk (2009).
The likelihood ratio test for non-standard hypotheses near the boundary on the null-with application to the assessment of non-inferiority, Statistics and Decisions 24, 75-92.

Balabdaoui, F., Rufibach, K. and Wellner, J. A. (2009).
Limit distribution theory for maximum likelihood estimation of a log-concave density, Annals of Statistics 37, 1299-1331.

Balabdaoui, F. and Rufibach, K. (2008).
A second Marshall inequality in convex estimation, Statistics and Probability Letters 78(2), 118-126.

Balabdaoui, F. and Wellner, J. A. (2007).
Estimation of a k-monotone density: limit distribution theory and the Spline connection, Annals of Statistics 35, 2536-2564 .

Balabdaoui, F. and Wellner, J. A. (2007).
A Kiefer-Wolfowitz theorem for convex densities, IMS LectureNotes 55, 1-31 .

Balabdaoui, F. (2007).
Consistent estimation of a convex density at the origin, Mathematical Methods of Statistics 16, 77-95 .

Tilmann Gneiting, Fadoua Balabdaoui and Adrian E. Raftery (2007).
Probabilistic forecasts, calibration and sharpness, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series B 69, 1-26 .

Raftery, A., Gneiting, T., Balabdaoui, F. and Polakowski, M. (2005).
Using Bayesian Model Averaging to Calibrate Forecast Ensembles, Monthly Weather Review 133, 1155-1174 .

Balabdaoui,F., Bocquet-Appel, J.-P., Lajaunie C. and Irudaya Rajan S. (2001).
Space-time evolution of the fertility transition in India, 1961-1991, International Journal of Population Geography 7, 129-148.

    Software and Code

Balabdaoui, F. and K. Filali (2010). Programs in C++ and Python for Computing the CDF of the maximal difference between a Brownian bridge and its convave majorant : here

Balabdaoui, F., Rufibach, K. and Santambrogio, F. (2009). OrdMonReg: Compute least squaresestimates of one bounded or two ordered antitonic regression curves. R package version 1.0.0. available from CRAN

Balabdaoui, F. (2012). R-program for computing the AIC and NEC criteria for selecting the number of clusters in a mixture of log-concave pdf's : code

   Current Coworkers

Cécile Durot (Universite de Nanterre, France)
Hajo Holzmann (Universitaet Karlsruhe, Germany)
Hanna K. Jankowski (York University, Toronto, Canada)Axel Munk (Institut fuer Mathematische Stochastik, Goettingen, Germany)
Kaspar Rufibach (F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Basel, Switzerland)
Filippo Santambrogio (Universite d'Orsay, France)
Jon A. Wellner (University of Washington, Seattle, USA)