Solid Math 2020

Mathematical and numerical methods for solid-state physics

Marne la Vallée, July 1-3.

IMPORTANT. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, Solid Math 2020 is cancelled. It will be replaced by Solid Math 2021!
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Scientific Committee:

Description of the event, and scientific scope:

Following the previous editions (Solid Math 2014, Trieste, Italy; Solid Math 2016, Aalborg, Denmark; Solid Math 2018, Montreal, Canada), the 2020 edition of Solid Math will be an international conference focusing on mathematical and numerical methods for condensed-matter physics, including cold gases, quantum liquids, strongly correlated electrons, and solid-state physics.

Recent discoveries in these fields give challenging mathematical questions, the main being the understanding – based on fundamental models – of the variety of new phenomena, including

Such a mathematical comprehension would help developping numerical methods to simulate these effects, but would require the interplay of different techniques, such as operator theory, C*-algebras, differential and non-commutative geometry, K-theory...

In view of that, we are planning a focused international conference, with a threefold aim:

Joint effort from the mathematics, physics and scientific computing communities is needed to address these difficult problems.

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