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[19]   Optimal approximation of internal controls for a wave-type problem with fractional Laplacian using finite-difference method, method (with Ionel Roventa), submitted.

[18]    Insensitizing control for linear and semi-linear heat equations with partially unknown domain (with Yannick Privat et Yacouba Simporé), submitted.

[17]    Addendum to ``Local Controllability of the Two-Link Magneto-Elastic Micro-Swimmer, (with Laetitia Giraldi, Clément Moreau et Jean-Baptiste Pomet), to appear in IEEE: TAC.

[16]    Internal observability for coupled systems of linear partial differential equations (with Enrique Zuazua), submitted.

[15]    Controllability of a bent 3-link magnetic microswimmer (with Laetitia Giraldi, Clément Moreau et Jean-Baptiste Pomet), preprint.

[14]    Positive and negative results on the internal controllability of parabolic equations coupled by zero and first order terms (with Michel Duprez), to appear in Journal of Evolution Equations.

[13]    Optimal Filtration for the approximation of boundary controls for the one-dimensional wave equation (with Ionel Roventa), to appear in Mathematics of Computation.

Journal papers.

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