Cette page concerne mes activités de recherche à l'université. À partir de septembre 2017 je serai enseignant en CPGE au lycée Jules Ferry, Versailles (une page web dédiée verra très vite le jour).

I am now full-time teacher for undergraduate students at Lycée Jules Ferry, Versailles. This webpage is devoted to my research activity. Starting September 2017 I hope being able to update it as a free-lance, but this hope is likely unreasonable.

I am Jean Louet, formerly working in the academic world as mathematician. I was active in the field of calculus of variations, and more precisely of optimal transportation.

I was PhD student at Université Paris-Sud, with Filippo Santambrogio as supervisor. I graduated on July 2, 2014.
I have also worked, or have been long-term visitor, at the following places: MSRI (Berkeley, United States), The Fields Institute (Toronto, Canada), FAU-Erlangen (Germany), Université Paris-Dauphine and INRIA-Paris.

I had the pleasure to collaborate with the following people (in alphabetical order): Luigi De Pascale, Simone Di Marino, Aldo Pratelli, Filippo Santambrogio and Florian Zeisler.

My papers can be found here (see also the CVGMT website), and my PhD thesis here.