Designs for a new TeXmacs logo

(c) 2010-2012 Massimiliano Gubinelli. All rights reserved.

Last updated: March 26, 2012.

All the icons have as theme the composition of a Gnu partial side view using the letters tau, (sometimes chi) and mu.

1Micho font, color

2Micho font, B/W version

3TXM theme, Mincho.

The letters tau, chi and mu compose a side view of a Gnu. Font “Mincho”, the letters chi and mu have been modified.

The B/W logo. variants.

The application icon

A 2d logo

4Trebuchet TM theme


5Trebuchet, cast metal type

TM icon with cast metal type flavor. Note that glyphs are mirrored as in real metal types.

6Trebuchet, cast metal type, variant II

the same with textures

7A metal TM logo (Font Times New Roman)

8A metal TM logo (Font Times New Roman), simpler variants

9TXM diamond sign theme (Font Times New Roman)

(see Knuth's diamond signs page)

10TXM typecast logo

11TXM logo, color, not flipped

12TXM typecast logo, steeper prespective

13TM gnu freely eating brackets

14TMX gnu freely wandering in the fields