Overview of my research activities

Coupling reduced modeling and measurement data

Numerical solution of kinetic models

Time domain decomposition


    I have taken part in the development of:
    • dune-dpg:
      • This is an open source library to solve PDEs with Discontinuous Petrov Galerkin finite elements.
      • The source code is here and a companion paper here.
      • It was developed in collaboration with F. Gruber and A. Klewinghaus.
    • Minaret:
      • This is an R&D code developed at the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) which is used for safety studies in the nuclear reactor industry. It is not open source.
      • Minaret solves a Boltzmann-type equation which models the behavior of the neutrons in a nuclear reactor: the so-called neutron transport equation.
      • The solver uses traditional discretization strategies: multigroup in energy, SN in angle and discontinuous Galerkin in space. Certain modules are parallelized.
      • Part of my research is currently devoted to develop more novel discretization schemes yielding rigorous a posteriori error bounds for this equation and also to reduce its computational cost. For this, we are using dune-dpg as a support for our tests.