Workshop SIGMA'2012


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Important: all the participants are hosted in the CIRM.

SIGMA'2012 aims at gathering specialists of the following main domains: Signal-Image, Geometric Modelling, Computational Geometry, Approximation. The workshop will be composed of invited plenary talks given by experts in these fields and contributed presentations.

SIGMA'2012 which will take place from Monday, November 19, to Friday, November 23, 2012, in the International Center for Mathematical Meetings (CIRM), located on the Campus of Luminy, Marseille, France. It is jointly organized by SMAI-SIGMA (formerly named SMAI-AFA), one of the activity groups of the SMAI (French equivalent of the SIAM), and by GdR MSPC, a Research Group of the CNRS (Centre National de Recherche Scientifique).


November, 19-23, 2012


CIRM, Marseille

Plenary Speakers

Nina Amenta (University of California)
Martin Buhmann (Giessen)
Tom Claeys (UC Louvain)
Nira Dyn (Tel Aviv)
Michael Elad (Technion)
Michael Floater (Oslo)
Joachim Giesen (Jena)
Daniel Kressner (EPF Lausanne)
Angela Kunoth (Paderborn)
Gitta Kutyniok (TU Berlin)
John E. Lavery (Army Research Office)
Mauro Maggioni (Duke university)
Andrei Martinez-Finkelshtein (Almeria)
Holger Rauhut (Bonn)
Gabrielle Steidl (TU Kaiserslautern)
Pierre Vanderghenyst (EPFL)
Yusu Wang (Ohio State University)
Joachim Weickert (Saarland University)

Scientific committee

Bernhard Beckermann (Lille 1)
Frédéric Chazal (INRIA)
Albert Cohen (Paris 6)
Olivier Gibaru (ENSAM)
Christian Gout (Valenciennes)
Carole Le Guyader (Rouen)
Eric Nyiri (ENSAM)
Valérie Perrier (Grenoble)
Monique Teillaud (INRIA)

Organizing committee

Tom Lyche (Oslo)
Marie-Laurence Mazure (Grenoble)
Gabriel Peyré (Paris-Dauphine, France)


List of participants

Pre-registration: free but mandatory

The deadline for pre-registration is now over.


Download the program.


Slides of the presentations and posters.


The CIRM is located in a nice place, close to some of the famous "Calanques de Marseille", beautiful typical creeks. There will be no talks on Wednesday afternoon to give the participants an opportunity to enjoy the surroundings. More details about how to get there can be found on the web site of the CIRM.

The conference includes breakfasts, lunchs and diners free of charge from Sunday evening to Friday noon. Transportation is left at the charge of the participants.

There is only a limited number of single and double hotel rooms at the CIRM (from Sunday evening to Friday morning). Those rooms are free of charge. People who will register late may not obtain one of them, and will have to book an hotel room outside of CIRM on their own. We thus advise you to register early.