Mathematics and
Image Analysis 2009


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This new edition of the Mathematical Image Analysis conference series will be held in Paris in December 2009. It is a sequel to the previous editions that were held in 2004 and 2006, with more that 250 participants each time.

The scientific program includes invited talks at the interface between research in applied mathematics (PDE's, Statistical Methods, Sparsity, Level sets, Variational methods, ...) and new developments in various areas in biological and computer vision. Recent developpents in these fields, such as Natural image modeling, compressed sensing, and computational neurosciences will be at the heart of MIA'09.

The workshop is supported by the GDR "Mathématiques des Systèmes Perceptifs et Cognitifs".


    14-16 December 2009


Institut Henri Poincaré (Paris, France)

Scientific commitee

Yves Frégnac (UNIC-CNRS Gif-sur-Yvette)
Stéphane Mallat (Ecole Polytechnique)
Jean-Luc Starck (CEA Saclay)
Alain Trouvé (ENS Cachan)

Organizing commitee.

Gabriel Peyré (Université Paris Dauphine)
Laurent Cohen (Universite Paris Dauphine)
Frédéric Barbaresco (Thales)

Previous events

MIA'02, MIA'04 and MIA'06

List of plenary speakers.

Sparsity and compressed sensing:

Variational processing:

Computer graphics and vision:

Learning and neurosciences: