Organisation of conferences

  • July 2022, Workshop "Markov Chains with Kinetic Constraints and Applications", at BIRS Banff

  • July 2018, 19th International Congress on Mathematical Physics, Montreal Canada, invited session "Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics"

  • July 2018: member of the scientific committee CIMPA school "Geometry and scaling of random structures", Buenos Aires

  • May 2017: organizer of workshop "Universality in bootstrap percolation", IHES Bures-sur- Yvette

  • July 2016: member of the topic committee "General and mathematical aspects" for StatPhys 2016 Lyon

  • October 2014 "Percolation and Glass Transition: KCM, Bootstrap Percolation, Mixed-Order Phase Transitions, Large Deviations", Tel-Aviv

  • July 2014, 37th Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications, Buenos Aires, invited session "Constrained Stochastic Dynamics"

  • January 2011, IRS, Institut Henri Poincare, session "Kinetically constrained spin models, glasses and coalescence processes"