Supervision of students and postdocs

PhD students (a family photo):

Oriane Blondel, 2010-2013 (in co-direction with Thierry Bodineau).
Laure Marêché, 2016-2019.
Assaf Shapira, 2016-2019.
Ivailo Hartarsky, 2019-2021
Enguérand Petit, 2020-... (in co-direction with Cyril Labbé)

Postdocs :

Aurelia Deshayes, 2016-2018.
Erik Slivken, 2017-2019.
Réka Szabó, 2019-2022

Master students:

Oriane Blondel (M2), Assaf Shapira (M1), Giancarlo Croce (M2), Laure Marêché (M2), Ivailo Hartarsky (M2), Damiano de Gaspari (M2).