Several conferences that are of interest to me or to which I participated.



CERMICS / ENPC probability statistics and finance seminar

"Metric evolution equations in machine learning and
related statistical distances"

CERMICS ENPC, 23 Jan. 2020

The slides here,

 fmnist Lam100 500 sampled

 xs dist mnist



Bachelier Institute Seminar in Paris of the "Financial Risks chair"

"Evolution equations in metric spaces with applications
to mean field games and adversarial learning"

Henri Poincaré Institute, Paris, Sept 27 2019

The slides here, small movie here 





Work group "Numerical Statistics" at Université Paris Dauphine "Partial gradient flows in mean field games and
statistical learning by GANs"

Université Paris Dauphine

Paris 20/05/2019

The slides here


 cost divisions gan




Workshop ANR MFG : Nice March 28-29 2017

From gradient flows to vaccination
mean field games numerical schemes

(slides here)



heat equation as gradient flow PKS model 1 PKS model 2 MFG evolution to equilibrium


Seminar Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions

University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 6, Paris, Jan 27th - 2017

High order schemes for gradient flows and vaccination
mean field games

(slides here)

logo ljll 


heat equation as gradient flow PKS model 1 PKS model 2 MFG evolution to equilibrium


roma mfg16
roma mfg16 2



Indam workshop on "PDE models for multi-agent phenomena"

Rome, Italy, Nov 28th - Dec 2nd 2016

Imperfect vaccination games and numerical procedures
for MFG equilibriums

(slides here)





Numerical methods for optimal control of open quantum systems

September 26, 2016 to September 28, 2016

Location : Free University Berlin, Institute of Mathematics, Arnimallee 6 ("Pi-Building"), 14195 Berlin, Germany


Noise robust recovery of quantum Hamiltonian (slides here/ transparents ici)



aims11logo transparent

The 11th AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems,
Differential Equations and Applications

July 1 - July 5, 2016, Orlando, Florida, USA


Vaccination and Markov Mean Field Games (slides here/ transparents ici)



CT15 logo

Ensemble controllability: recent results and application
to quantum inversion

(slides here/ transparents ici)