Bayesian Core

A Practical Approach to Computational

J.-M. Marin & Ch. P. Robert

Springer-Verlag [site], New York, 2007, ISBN 0-387-38979-2

Typos in the second printing, to be corrected in the third printing
  1. Footnote 7 in Chapter 1 points out the wrong website for CRAN, the correct URL is (Thanks to Lawrence Joseph).
  2. The unit vector 1n on page 78 should be 1k (Thanks to Brunero Liseo).
  3. On page 79, the prior π(γ|X) should read π(γ) to avoid confusion with posterior (Thanks to Brunero Liseo).
  4. In the remark page 89, the log-odds ratio should be log{pi/(1-pi)} (Thanks to Lawrence Joseph).

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