O'Bayes 03, June 15-20, Aussois - France


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Monday, June 16

9:00-10:30, Session 1 : Non-parametric Bayes (I)

S. Walker, University of Bath (UK), Sample size dependent nonparametric priors
                Discussant: N. Hjort

L. Zhao, University of Pennsylvania (USA), Bayesian Approaches in Nonparametric Estimation Problems
                Discussant: A. Philippe

11:00-12:30, Session 2 : Modelling (I)

D. Sun, University of Missouri-Columbia (USA), Partial Informative Normal and Spline Smoothing
                Discussant: S. Bayarri

O. Papaspiliopoulos, University of Lancaster (UK), Bayesian inference for diffusions
                Discussant: J.A. Cano

17:30-19:00, Session 3 : Model selection (I) 

J.K. Ghosh, Indian Statistical Institute and Purdue University (USA), Regression at Optimal Rate via Bayesian Model Selection
                Discussant: M. Clyde

L. Birge, Universite Paris 6 (France), Model selection : an alternative to penalized maximum likelihood estimators
                Discussant: B. Liseo

21:00-23:00, Poster session (I)

Tuesday, June 17

9:00-10:30, Session 4 : Non-parametric Bayes (II)

S. Petrone, Universita Bocconi Milano (Italie), Role of mixtures in nonparametrics
                Discussant: C.P. Robert

P. Hoff, University of Washington (USA), Nonparametric pooling of exchangeable hierarchical data
                Discussant: J.O. Berger

11:00-12:30, Session 5 : Asymptotics

L. Brown, Wharton (USA), title to be announced
                Discussant: J. Rousseau

A. Van der Vaart, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (The Netherlands),  Asymptotics for posteriors on infinite-dimensional models
                Discussant: N. Reid

17:30-19:00, Session 6 : Prior construction (I)

G. Consonni, Universita di Pavia (Italy), Prior distributions for intervention DAG models
                Discussant: J. Mortera

E. Moreno, Universidad de Granada (Spain), Objective Bayesian analysis of contingency tables
                Discussant: G. Celeux

21:00-23:00, Poster session (II)

Wenesday, June 18

9:00-10:30, Session 7 : Model selection (II)

J. Bernardo, Universitat Valencia (Spain), A Bayesian reference approach to variable selection
                Discussant: R.M.B. Paulo

C. Holmes, Imperial College London (UK), Predictive model averaging for statistical pattern recognition
                Discussant: E. George

11:00-12:30, Session 8 : Prior construction (II)

Don Fraser, U. Toronto, Requirements and Resolutions for Default Priors
                Discussant: A. Guglielmi

Victor De Oliveira, U. Arkansas, Objective Bayesian Analysis of Some Models for Correlated Data
                Discussant: S. Fienberg

17:30-19:00, Session 9 : Modelling (II)

E. Brown, University of Washington (USA), Flexible Approach to Bayesian Survival Models
                Discussant: M. Barbieri

Jaeyong Lee, Penn State University (USA), Bayesian R-Estimation
                Discussant: M. Daniels

Thursday, June 19

9:00-10:30, Session 10 : Computational issues

 Ch. Andrieu, University of Bristol (UK), Adaptive MCMC algorithms
                Discussant: S. Sahu

J. Hobert, University of Florida (USA), Improper posteriors
                Discussant: A. Doucet

11:00-12:30, Session 11 : Modelling (III)

F. DeSantis, Universita di Roma 1 (Italy), On partially objective Bayes methods for sample
size determination and inference
                Discussant: M. Ghosh

P. Müller, University of Texas, Austin (USA), A Bayesian Mixture Model for Differential Gene Expression
                Discussant: K. Mengersen

14:00-15:30, Session 12 : Model selection (III)

N. Chopin, INSEE and CREST, Paris (France), Sequential priors for hidden Markov models
                Discussant: M. Kessler

B. Silverman, University of Bristol (UK), Needles and hay in haystacks, Empirical Bayes estimates of possibly sparse sequences
                Discussant: R. Kohn