My schedule for 2009

January 2009

Jan. 29-30  Séminaire, Université de Montréal [page]
Jan. 30-31 Ice climbing & ski 08, Québec [page]

February 2009

Feb. 26-28 Imperial College, London

March 2009
Mar.-Avril   Computational tools for Bayesian model choice (OFPR, CREST) [page]
Mar. 4 Research Section Committee meeting, RSS, London
Mar. 6-7 Seminar, University of Edinburgh, Scotland [page]
Mar. 16-19 EPSRC Symposium Workshop on Markov Chain-Monte Carlo, University of Warwick [page]

April 2009

Apr. 19-25 Brescia, Padova, Venezia e Vicenza, Italy  [page]

May 2009

May 6 Research Section Committee meeting, RSS, London
May 7 Thesis defence of Stéphane Grégoir, Dauphine
May 12 Journée de la Recherche, Dauphine [page]
May 30 La Robinsonnaise 5k, Le Plessis-Robinson [page]

June 2009

June 4-9 O'Bayes 09, Philadelphia [page]
June. 26 ABC in Paris, Dauphine [page]

July 2009

July 1-2 Third Rimini Bayesian econometrics workshop, Rimini (Italia) [page]
July 4-9 MaxEnt2009, Oxford, Mississippi [page]
July 13-18 Bayesian Data Analysis for Ecologists, Gran Paradiso National Park. Valsavarenche (Italia) [page]
July 18-19 [somewhere high in] Aosta

August 2009

Aug. 1-7 JSM, Washington D.C.  [page]
Aug. 8-15 Belgrade Lakes, Maine

September 2009

Sep. 13-15 Workshop MCMC Convergence and Estimation, Athens University of Economics and Business [no page]
Sept. 23-26 Evaluation panel of Computational Science Research Programme of Academy of Finland, Helsinki

October 2009

Oct. 3            Semi-marathon d'Argentan (?) [page]
Oct. 5-7 Young European statisticians Workshop (YES-III), Eurandom, Eindhoven [page]
Oct. 14  RSS Read Paper, London [page]
Oct. 27-31 MCMC course, UAM, Madrid

November 2009

Nov. 5  Oxford/Warwick seminar [page]
Nov. 16            Semi-marathon de Boulogne (?)  [page]

December 2009