Conviviality is a collaborative research project funded by the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) for the period 2023-2028. It is coordinated by Max Fathi (Université Paris Cité) and Christophe Poquet (Université Lyon 1) and connects mathematicians across several research centers in France. Conviviality means CONVergence and Interactions VIa Analysis and probabiLITY. It is motivated by mathematical problems at the boundary between analysis and probability, in areas including including interacting particle systems, analysis of evolution equations and their long-time behavior, mean-field dynamics, stability of functional inequalities, and numerical algorithms. See the presentation on the ANR website.

  • ANR reference number: ANR-23-CE40-0003 (to be cited in the publications supported by the project). On the Hal web server: please fill the « Projet(s) ANR » section: simply enter « Conviviality » and select « ANR-23-CE40-0003 - Conviviality » or directly enter « ANR-23-CE40-0003 ». Please add “This work has been (partially) supported by the Project CONVIVIALITY ANR-23-CE40-0003 of the French National Research Agency” to your publications.
  • The following project logo can be used in presentations. Please click here for the pdf file.

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