EFI is a collaborative research project funded by the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) for the period 2023-2028 involving many mathematicians across several research centres in France. It was coordinated by Jean Dolbeault (Université Paris-Dauphine) and Arnaud Guillin (Université de Clermont-Auvergne). EFI means Entropy, Flows, Inequalities. See the presentation on the ANR website.

  • ANR reference number: ANR-17-CE40-0030 (to be cited in the publications supported by the project).
For participants and beneficiaries. On the Hal web server: please fill the « Projet(s) ANR » section: simply enter « Entropy » and select « ANR-17-CE40-0030 - EFI - Entropy, flows, inequalities » or directly enter « ANR-17-CE40-0030 ». Please add "This work has been (partially) supported by the Project EFI ANR-17-CE40-0030 of the French National Research Agency" to your publications.

  • The following ANR logo can be used in presentations. Please click here for the jpg file (2.5MB) and here for the png file (16KB)

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