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Camille MALE titre et résum Holcomb
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 {{ :​mega:​20141121_153039.jpg?​400 |}} {{ :​mega:​20141121_153039.jpg?​400 |}}
 ===== Prochaine séance ===== ===== Prochaine séance =====
-     * Vendredi **11 Janvier, salle 01** +     * Vendredi **15 Mars**  salle 421 
-         * 10h30-12h00:​ mini cours par **[[https://​math.nyu.edu/~bourgade/|Paul Bourgade]]** //Équations de boucles et champs log-corrélés.// Les équations de boucles permettent de comprendre l'​émergence de champs gaussiens en matrices aléatoiresDans deux exemples concretsje prouverai: ​ le théorème de Szegö fort pour les matrices unitaires ; les moments du polynôme caractéristique de matrices de Ginibre.\\  +         * 10h30-12h00:​ mini cours par **[[https://​www.di.ens.fr/~lelarge/|Marc Lelarge]]** //The cavity method for the spiked Wigner model.// We consider the high-dimensional inference problem where the signal is a low-rank symmetric matrix which is corrupted by an additive Gaussian noiseGiven a probabilistic model for the low-rank matrixwe compute the limit in the large dimension setting for the mutual information between the signal and the observations,​ as well as the matrix minimum mean squared error, while the rank of the signal remains constant. We unify and generalize a number of recent works on PCA, sparse PCA, submatrix localization or community detection by computing the information-theoretic limits for these problems in the high noise regime. \\ 
-         * 14h00-15h00:​ **[[http://google.com/search?​q=Slim+Kammoun+math|Slim Kammoun]]** //Universality for random permutations.//  ​It is known from the work of BaikDeift and Johansson (1999) ​ that we have the Tracy-Widom fluctuations for the longest increasing subsequence ​of uniform permutationsWe prove that this result holds also in the case of the Ewens distribution ​and more generally for a class of random ​permutations with distribution invariant under conjugation. Moreoverwe obtain ​the convergence of the first components of the associated Young tableaux to the Airy Ensemble as well as the global convergence to the Vershik-Kerov-Logan-Shepp shapeThe talk will be boxed on the paper //​Monotonous subsequences ​and the descent process of invariant random permutations//​.\\  +         * 14h00-15h00:​ **[[http://math.univ-lyon1.fr/​~lancien/|Cécilia Lancien]]** //Random correlation matrices: when are they with high probability classical or quantum?// Two observers performing binary outcome measurements on subsystems of a global system may obtain more strongly correlated results when they have  a shared entangled quantum state than when they only have shared ​ randomness. This well-known phenomenon ​of so-called Bell inequality ​ violation can be precisely characterized mathematically. Indeedbeing a classical or a quantum correlation matrix exactly corresponds to being  in the unit ball of some tensor normsIn this talk, I  will start  with   ​explaining all this in details. I will then look at the following problem: given a random matrix ​of size n, can one estimate ​the typical value of its "​classical" ​and "​quantum"​ norms, as n becomes large? For wide class of random ​matrices, the answer is yes, and shows a separation between ​the two values. This result may be interpreted ​as follows: in a typical direction, ​the  ​borders of the sets of classical and quantum correlations are separated away from each otherBased on joint work with Carlos Gonzalez-Guillen,​ Carlos Palazuelos ​and Ignacio Villanueva: "​Random quantum correlations are generically non-classical",​ Ann. Henri Poincaré, 18(12):​3793-3813 (2017).\\ 
-         * 15h30-16h30: ​ **[[https://people.kth.se/~holcomb/|Diane Holcomb]]**  //On the centered maximum of the Sine beta process.// There has been a great deal or recent work on the asymptotics of the maximum of characteristic polynomials or random ​matrices. ​Other recent work studies the analogous result for log-correlated Gaussian fieldsHere we will discuss a maximum result for the centered counting function ​of the Sine beta process. The Sine beta process arises as the local limit in the bulk of a beta-ensemble, ​and was originally described as the limit of generalization of the Gaussian Unitary Ensemble by Valko and Virag with an equivalent ​process ​identified as a limit of the circular beta ensembles by Killip ​and Stoiciu. A brief introduction to the Sine process as well as some ideas from the proof of the maximum will be covered. This talk is on joint work with Elliot Paquette.\\ +         * 15h30-16h30:​ **[[http://pub.ist.ac.at/~dschroed/|Dominik ​ Schröder]]** //Cusp Universality for Wigner-type Random Matrices.// For Wigner-type ​matrices, i.eHermitian random matrices with independent,​ not necessarily identically distributed entries above the diagonal, ​we show that at any cusp singularity ​of the limiting eigenvalue distribution ​the local eigenvalue statistics are universal ​and form Pearcey ​process. Since the density ​of states typically exhibits only square root or cubic root cusp singularities,​ our work complements previous results on the bulk and edge universality ​and it thus completes ​the resolution ​of the Wigner-Dyson-Mehta universality conjecture for the last remaining universality type.\\
 ===== Calendrier 2018-2019 ===== ===== Calendrier 2018-2019 =====
      * Vendredi **12 Octobre**, salle 201      * Vendredi **12 Octobre**, salle 201
Ligne 33: Ligne 33:
          * 15h30-16h30:​ **[[http://​igor-kortchemski.perso.math.cnrs.fr/​|Igor Kortchemski]]** //The geometry of random minimal factorizations of a long cycle//\\          * 15h30-16h30:​ **[[http://​igor-kortchemski.perso.math.cnrs.fr/​|Igor Kortchemski]]** //The geometry of random minimal factorizations of a long cycle//\\
      * Vendredi **11 Janvier**, ​ salle 01      * Vendredi **11 Janvier**, ​ salle 01
-         * 10h30-12h00:​ mini cours par **[[https://​math.nyu.edu/​~bourgade/​|Paul Bourgade]]** ////​\\ ​+         * 10h30-12h00:​ mini cours par **[[https://​math.nyu.edu/​~bourgade/​|Paul Bourgade]]** //Équations de boucles et champs log-corrélés//\\ 
          * 14h00-15h00:​ **[[http://​google.com/​search?​q=Slim+Kammoun+math|Slim Kammoun]]** //​Universality for random permutations//​\\ ​          * 14h00-15h00:​ **[[http://​google.com/​search?​q=Slim+Kammoun+math|Slim Kammoun]]** //​Universality for random permutations//​\\ ​
-         * 15h30-16h30: ​ **[[https://​people.kth.se/​~holcomb/​|Diane Holcomb]]** ​ // //\\ +         * 15h30-16h30: ​ **[[https://​people.kth.se/​~holcomb/​|Diane Holcomb]]** ​ //On the centered maximum of the Sine beta process//\\ 
      * Vendredi **8 Février**, ​ salle 201      * Vendredi **8 Février**, ​ salle 201
-         * 10h30-12h00:​ mini cours par **[[https://​www.math.u-psud.fr/​~emaurel/​|Édouard Maurel-Segala]]** ​ // //\\  +         * 10h30-12h00:​ mini cours par **[[https://​www.math.u-psud.fr/​~emaurel/​|Édouard Maurel-Segala]]** ​ //Étude de modèles de matrices par la méthode des cumulants libres//\\  
-         * 14h00-15h00:​ **[[https://​sites.google.com/​view/​franck-gabriel-en/​home|Franck Gabriel]]** ////\\  +         * 14h00-15h00:​ **[[https://​sites.google.com/​view/​franck-gabriel-en/​home|Franck Gabriel]]** //Schur-Weyl-Jones duality and permutation-invariant random matrices//\\  
-         ​* ​15h00-16h30: **[[https://​www.math.uni-sb.de/​ag/​speicher/​weber.html|Moritz Weber]]** ////\\+         ​* ​15h30-16h30: **[[https://​www.math.uni-sb.de/​ag/​speicher/​weber.html|Moritz Weber]]** //Quantum symmetries of finite graphs and of noncommutative notions of independence//\\
      * Vendredi **15 Mars** ​ salle 421      * Vendredi **15 Mars** ​ salle 421
-         * mini cours par **[[https://​www.di.ens.fr/​~lelarge/​|Marc Lelarge]]** ////\\ +         * mini cours par **[[https://​www.di.ens.fr/​~lelarge/​|Marc Lelarge]]** //The cavity method for the spiked Wigner model//\\ 
-         * 14h00-15h00:​ **[[http://​math.univ-lyon1.fr/​~lancien/​|Cécilia Lancien]]** ////\\ +         * 14h00-15h00:​ **[[http://​math.univ-lyon1.fr/​~lancien/​|Cécilia Lancien]]** //Random correlation matrices: when are they with high probability  
-         * 15h30-14h30: **[[http://​pub.ist.ac.at/​~dschroed/​|Dominik ​ Schröder]]** ////\\+classical or quantum?//\\ 
 +         * 15h30-16h30: **[[http://​pub.ist.ac.at/​~dschroed/​|Dominik ​ Schröder]]** //Cusp Universality for Wigner-type Random Matrices//\\
      * pas de séance en **Avril** car Conférence du 15 au 19 à Luminy      * pas de séance en **Avril** car Conférence du 15 au 19 à Luminy
      * Vendredi **10 Mai**, salle 314      * Vendredi **10 Mai**, salle 314
 +         * mini cours par **[[https://​math.unice.fr/​~dmitsche/​|Dieter Mitsche]]** //Graphes aléatoires hyperboliques et trou spectral du Laplacien sur ces graphes//\\
 +         * 14h00-15h00:​ **[[https://​davidgarciaz.wixsite.com/​math|David Garcia Zelada]]** ////\\
 +         * 15h30-16h30:​ **[[https://​www-m7.ma.tum.de/​bin/​view/​Analysis/​SimoneWarzel|Simone Warzel]]** ////​\\ ​  
      * Vendredi **14 Juin**, salle 201      * Vendredi **14 Juin**, salle 201
          * 14h00-15h00:​ **[[https://​cims.nyu.edu/​~dubach/​|Guillaume Dubach]]** ////\\          * 14h00-15h00:​ **[[https://​cims.nyu.edu/​~dubach/​|Guillaume Dubach]]** ////\\
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 L'​image tout en haut est tirée de [[https://​www.mat.tuhh.de/​forschung/​aa/​forschung.html]]. L'​image tout en haut est tirée de [[https://​www.mat.tuhh.de/​forschung/​aa/​forschung.html]].
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