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 ===== Prochaine séance ===== ===== Prochaine séance =====
-     * Vendredi **10 Mai**, salle 314 +     * Vendredi **14 Juin**, salle 201  
-         * mini cours par **[[https://​math.unice.fr/~dmitsche/|Dieter Mitsche]]** //Graphes aléatoires hyperboliques et trou spectral du Laplacien sur ces graphes//Random hyperbolic graphs (RHG) were proposed rather recently (2010) as a model of real-world networks. Informally speaking, they are like random geometric graphs where the underlying metric space has negative curvature (i.e., is hyperbolic). In contrast to other models of complex networks, RHG simultaneously and naturally exhibit characteristics such as sparseness, small diameter, non-negligible clustering coefficient and power law degree distribution. In the first part we will give a slow pace introduction to RHG, explain why they have attracted a fair amount of attention and then survey most of what is known about this promising infant model of real-world networks. In the second part we will explain more in detail the spectral gap, and time permitting, also other parameters of this model.\\ +         * mini cours par **[[https://​cims.nyu.edu/~thomasl/|Thomas Leblé]]** ////\\ 
-         * 14h00-15h00:​ **[[https://​davidgarciaz.wixsite.com/math|David Garcia Zelada]]** //Extremal particles ​of radial determinantal Coulomb gases//The Coulomb gases we are interested in can be understood as two-dimensional systems of negatively charged particles confined by a positively charged radial background. The distribution of the particles far from the origin will be seen to exhibit different behaviors. A simple argument of this fact will be given and the analogous random polynomial models will be also discussed. This is based on a joint work with Raphael Butez.\\ +         * 14h00-15h00:​ **[[https://​cims.nyu.edu/~dubach/|Guillaume Dubach]]** //Words of non-Hermitian random matrices//\\ 
-         * 15h30-16h30:​ **[[https://​www-m7.ma.tum.de/bin/view/Analysis/SimoneWarzel|Simone Warzel]]** //Hierarchical random matrices and operators//Hierarchical random matrices (HM) serve as an more tractable simplification of power-law random band matrices (PRBM). As far as their (de)localisation properties are concerned, they are predicted to lie in the same universality class as PRBM. Their analysis is facilitated by a renormalization group which has deformed GOE matrices as one of its building blocks. In this talk, I will review results on HM. In particular, I will explain a SDE approach to a proof of local laws and delocalisation. This talk is based on joint works with P. Soosten.\\+         * 15h30-16h30:​ **[[https://​www.lpsm.paris/laboratoire/annuaire/ptarrago/|Pierre Tarrago]]** ////​\\ ​  ​
 ===== Calendrier 2018-2019 ===== ===== Calendrier 2018-2019 =====
      * Vendredi **12 Octobre**, salle 201      * Vendredi **12 Octobre**, salle 201
Ligne 50: Ligne 50:
          * 14h00-15h00:​ **[[https://​davidgarciaz.wixsite.com/​math|David Garcia Zelada]]** //Extremal particles of radial determinantal Coulomb gases//\\          * 14h00-15h00:​ **[[https://​davidgarciaz.wixsite.com/​math|David Garcia Zelada]]** //Extremal particles of radial determinantal Coulomb gases//\\
          * 15h30-16h30:​ **[[https://​www-m7.ma.tum.de/​bin/​view/​Analysis/​SimoneWarzel|Simone Warzel]]** //​Hierarchical random matrices and operators//​\\ ​            * 15h30-16h30:​ **[[https://​www-m7.ma.tum.de/​bin/​view/​Analysis/​SimoneWarzel|Simone Warzel]]** //​Hierarchical random matrices and operators//​\\ ​  
-     * Vendredi **14 Juin**, salle 201 +     * Vendredi **14 Juin**, salle 201  
-         * 14h00-15h00:​ **[[https://​cims.nyu.edu/​~dubach/​|Guillaume Dubach]]** ////\\+         * mini cours par **[[https://​cims.nyu.edu/​~thomasl/​|Thomas Leblé]]** ////\\ 
 +         * 14h00-15h00:​ **[[https://​cims.nyu.edu/​~dubach/​|Guillaume Dubach]]** //Words of non-Hermitian random matrices//​\\ 
 +         * 15h30-16h30:​ **[[https://​www.lpsm.paris/​laboratoire/​annuaire/​ptarrago/​|Pierre Tarrago]]** ////​\\ ​  ​
 ===== Exposés 2017-2018 ===== ===== Exposés 2017-2018 =====
      * **Organisateurs 2017-2018.** ​      * **Organisateurs 2017-2018.** ​
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