Colloquium du Ceremade (Alexandre Stauffer, 6 décembre)

6 décembre 22

Le prochain Colloquium du Ceremade aura lieu mardi 6 décembre à 15h30 en salle A709. Alexandre Stauffer nous parlera de "Random growth processes: dendritic formation and competition."


Titre : Random growth processes: dendritic formation and competition.


Résumé : During the 80's, several growth processes were introduced in the physics literature with the goal of providing a simple and tractable model of dendritic growth. Such phenomenon is observed in several different contexts in nature, including the growth of bacteria under starvation, crystal dendrite, dielectric breakdown, and electrodeposition, and is characterized by the formation of very ramified, fractal-like structures. Almost four decades later, we still encounter tremendous mathematical challenges in studying the geometric and dynamic properties of such processes. In this talk, I will survey the developments in this field, giving emphasis to recent results in the classical model
of multi-particle diffusion limited aggregation (MDLA). I will also introduce and discuss a new growth process, which can be viewed as a model for the growth of two species that compete for space. This new process has been recently used to analyze MDLA and other models.


L'exposé sera suivi d'un pot, qui aura lieu exceptionnellement dans l'Espace One.

La page du Colloquium est ici :