Colloquium @ CEREMADE


Our colloquium usually takes place on the first Tuesday of each month, in room A709. A renowned expert (being an excellent speaker as well) visits us for an afternoon and gives a panorama of one of her research areas. The only constraint is that the talk should be accessible to all members of the lab, including PhD students in analysis, game theory, probability and statistics.

When allowed, free food and drinks are served after the event !

Please do not hesitate to suggest good speakers to the two organizers: Justin Salez and Cristina Toninelli.

Next talk

Date: Monday, May 30th 2022 (14:30-15:30, room A709)

Speaker: Michael Loss (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Title: Optimal criteria for magnetic fields that bind electrons

Abstract: This talk will provide a basic introduction to the three dimensional Dirac equation that describes an electron interacting with a magnetic field. Over the years a lot of work has gone into constructing zero energy solutions, also known as zero modes, for said equation. In this talk I will explain the importance of zero modes and will show how they relate to the stability of the hydrogen atom. After presenting explicit examples, I will state necessary conditions for the magnetic field so that zero modes exist. Here, of particular interest is a sharp inequality that is optimized by a magnetic field whose field lines are interlinking circles. This pattern results from pulling back the Hopf fibration on the three sphere to three dimensional space using the stereographic projection.


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