The one-year Master 2 of Applied and THeoretical Mathematics (MATH in French) belongs to the graduate program in Mathematics and Applications of PSL University (PGMA in French) and takes part of the joint program of Mathematical Analysis and Probability in PAris Sciences & Lettres and PAdova (MAPPA) for Master students with the University of Padova. 

The Master 2 MATH offers an advanced curriculum in a large domain of mathematics, from the point of view of both theory and applications to modeling in other scientific fields, and in particular in the following mathematical fields : 

- Analysis : PDE, Nonlinear Analysis, Control, Numerical analysis; 
- Probability : Stochastic Processes and Statistical Physics; 
- Geometry and Dynamical systems. 

It is primarily intended for students who will prepare a PhD thesis afterwards, but there are also direct openings on the job market. 

International students are welcome. Many courses are taught in English and even a full curriculum in English is possible.

Teachers who participate to this training are mathematicians from the laboratories, departments and research centers in Mathematics of the university PSL and more specifically are coming from the CEREMADE at Paris Dauphine University, DMA at École Normale Supérieure de Paris, CAS at École des Mines de Paris, Chaires de Mathématiques at Collège de France and ASD-IMCCE at Observatoire de Paris. Most of the courses takes place in these different institutions. 

Students are welcome to apply to the grant programs provided by PGMA and by the Paris Graduate School of Mathematical sciences of the Fondation des Sciences Mathématiques de Paris. Some of these programs are dedicated to international students.

The Master 2 MATH is operated by the MIDO teaching department at Paris-Dauphine University. Some important administrative information can be found on the website of Masters in Applied Mathematics of the MIDO department. 


Students must pass 6 courses (each one awards for 6 ECTS credits), among which at least 2 in the list of "fundamental courses", in addition to writing a memoir (which awards for 24 ECTS credits). Each student will be followed by a scientific tutor who will validate the choice of courses and of the memoir/internship.

The list of courses provided for next year is still subject to modifications.

A memoir must also be written on a research project, under the direction of a researcher. An internship in a company may substitute for it, provided that the internship is research-oriented, in which case a written authorization should be given prior to the beginning of the internship. Students who wish to do a research memoir out of Ile-de-France may ask for a specific grant from the FSMP in this webpage.  

Approximate calendar for university year 2020-2021 :

Welcome meeting : Second week of September.
Introductory courses : from Monday 7 September to Friday 11 September.
Fundamental courses : from Monday 14 September to Friday 4 December.
Specialized courses : from September to March.
From March 30th : research memoir and internship.


Candidates should have a Master 1 degree (4th year of university) in mathematics or an equivalent degree (engineering diploma, for instance). Additional administrative information can be found in the tab "admission" of this first dedicated webpage of PSL university and on this second dedicated webopage of Paris Dauphine university. The application must be made online through the MyCandidature webpage. 

The deadlines for applications are: June 29, 2020 (first session) and August 31, 2020 (second session). The list of accepted students is established by the admission committee and then will be communicated to applicants shortly after these dates. 

Applications submitted for the first session will not be examined again at the second session. 


An information meeting will take place on during the second week of September, 2020 (exact day, hour and place will be made precise later)

Research coordinator of M2 MATH: Stéphane Mischler

Administration of M2 MATH: Mrs Nathalie Hurteloup, office B 526 , 01 44 05 47 12

Emails: (without accents)