"Introduction to Statistical Mechanics" (fall 2021), cours of the Master 2 MATH Université Dauphine PSL co-taught with Béatrice De Tilière

  • For details/notes on the first part of the course (Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics) you can refer to Béatrice de Tilière's teaching page
  • For the second part of the course (Interacting Particle Systems) you can find exhaustive notes here
  • To have an idea of the content of the course you might check our abstract. If you wish to have more details do not hesitate to send me an email.


  • Cours "Introduction to Statistical Mechanics" at Université Dauphine PSL (spring 2021)
  • Cours "Systemès de particules en interaction" ("Interacting particle systems") at M2MO Université Paris 6 (spring 2017-2018-2019)

  • e-mail: toninelli ceremade.dauphine.fr