CEREMADE has a license server for the kaspersky antivirus, the documentation will help you to install the agent that will communicate with the server on your computer.

1 - Download the Kaspersky agent

2 - Installing the Kaspersky agent

For the agentcommunicate with the server, it is necessary to be either in the premises of the university or to connect to the VPN of dauphine.
It is therefore necessary to install the vpn client and connect to it.
The installation of the VPN client is explained on this page: VPN

  1. For Macos
  2. For Windows

For MacOs

For Windows

Unzip the file by right-clicking on the downloaded zip file then click on "extract all ", Double click on the folder to unzip and then double click on the setup.exe file.

Click on yes

Click on next

Tick the box then click on next

Click on next

In the first serur field, fill in the following address: Then click on next

Click on next

Click on next

Click on next

Indicate your name and your type of machine: (example DULEU-PORTABLE)

Check the second box, then click on next

Check the box, then click on next

Click on install

Installation can take several minutes

Click on finish, the installation of the agent is finished.

Once the installation is finished, please contact the IT department so that they can start the installation of the antivirus on your computer.