Antonin Chambolle

Directeur de recherches au CNRS

I am a researcher in analysis interested in numerical analysis, geometric analysis and the calculus of variations. I study problems with free discontinuities, free boundaries or interfaces coming from applications such as image processing and reconstruction, physics and materials science. I am also interested in numerical optimization for non-smooth problems related to theses topics.

After having spent many years with CMAP, Ecole polytechnique, I am now a member of the applied maths department CEREMADE in Dauphine / PSL university.

Contact: antonin.chambolle (à - tel: +33(0)144054601


Most of my publications is available and can be found on HAL (CVhal) or Google Scholar or MathSciNet. (Some old publications here.)

ORCID: 0000-0002-9465-4659

ResearcherId: R-3558-2018

My recent work focus on some limiting energies for liquid crystals, the study of "GSBD" functions and the Griffith problem in fracture mechanics, on some interfacial evolution problems (anisotropic partitions, Wasserstein flow, crystalline curvature flow), on the discretization of the total variation and some techniques for differentiation in convex optimization.

Code: some code is available here, in particular a fast C/C++ implementation of the prox of the total variation on a graph, based on Boykov and Kolmogorov's algorithm for maxflow. A very slow networkx-based python version is also available.

Teaching: Optimisation continue / Continuous Optimization (2023-24) (M2): 

notes de cours ici, slides:

Jupyter notebook on (basic) stochastic gradient and coordinate descent (the file contains the MNIST database and is large).

Answer to a question raised in the lecture of the 13th. Dec, 2023.

For exercises, past exams: archives and documents here or here.

The lectures are based for a large part on the tutorial "An introduction to continuous optimization for imaging", A. Chambolle and T. Pock, Acta Numerica, 25 (2016)