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Maxime Chupin

I currently hold a position as Ingénieur de Recherche (CNRS) at CEREMADE of University Paris-Dauphine.

Among others, I am working on projects:

See Research Themes.

My personnal website: https://fougeriens.org/~mc.

Journal Matapli

Since 2018 I am the deputy editor of the journal MATAPLI of the French community of applied mathematics embodied by the SMAI. The editor-in-chief is Julien Salamon (was Victorita Dolean until 2020). Contact me if you want to publish an article, publish an advertisement, etc.

I also created a new graphic model for this review.

Seminar Infomath

I co-organize the inter-laboratory seminar (CEREMADE, LJLL, LPSM, IMJ-PRG) infomath on numerical tools for mathematics. This seminar is there for everyone, students, PhDs, post-docs, and permanent staff, and aims to help using numerical tools such as LaTeX, or tools to produce a web page, to save data, for collaborative work with GIT, etc.

It takes place every first Thursday of the month. The seminar website is here.


You can find some of my GIT projects on the CNRS GitLab : https://plmlab.math.cnrs.fr/mchupin.



Centre De Recherche en Mathématiques de la Décision (CEREMADE)
Place du Maréchal De Lattre De Tassigny · 75775 PARIS CEDEX 16 · FRANCE
Bureau : P-207. Tél. : +33 (0)1 44-05-49-23
chupin at ceremade.dauphine.fr

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