Ivar Ekeland
CEREMADE et Institut de Finance,
Université Paris-Dauphine, 75775 Paris CEDEX 16, France
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BOOKS (Chronological) 
RESEARCH PAPERS (chronological)





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    1. " Théorie des jeux et introduction à l'économie mathématique", Presses Universitaires de France, 110p

    2 (with R. Temam) "Analyse convexe et problèmes variationnels", Dunod-Gauthier-Villars, 1974, 340p.

    • English translation: "Convex analysis and variational problems", North-Holland-Elsevier, 1976;
    • republished by SIAM, "Classics in Applied mathematics", 1999
    • Russian translation: Mir,1979. [cover]

    3. "Elements d'économie mathématique", Hermann, 1979, 320p. [cover] [ back]

    • Russian translation: Mir, 1983. [cover]

    4. (with T. Turnbull) "Infinite-dimensional optimization and convexity", Chicago University Press, 1983 [cover]

    5. (with J.P. Aubin) "Applied nonlinear analysis", Wiley, 1984,520p. [cover]

    • republished by Wiley,
    • Russian translation, editions Mir, 1988 [cover]

    6. "Le calcul, l'imprévu. Les figures du temps de Képler à Thom", Editions du Seuil, 1984, 170p;

    •  second edition, 1985; [cover] [back]
    • pocket edition, collection "Points Science",1987.
    • Italian translation : "Il calcolo, l'imprevisto" , Edizioni di Comunità, 1986
    • German translation : "Das Vorhersehbare und das Unvorhersehbare“ , Harnack, München, 1985 [cover] [back]
    • Portuguese translation (Brazil): "O calculo e o imprevisto", Martin Fontes, São Paulo, 1986 [cover]
    • English translation : "Mathematics and the unexpected", Chicago University Press, 1988 [cover] [back]
    • Spanish translation: "El calculo, lo imprevisto",  Fondo de cultura economica, Mexico, 1988
    • Finnish translation "Ennakoimattoman matematiikka", Art House, Helsinki, 1990
    • Portuguese translation (Portugal): "A matematica e o imprevisto", Gradiva, Lisbon, 1993
    • Greek translation: "Ta mathematika kai to aprosdoketo", Diaulos, Athènes, 1993
    • Chinese translation: "Jisuan churen yiliao", Beijing, 1999

    7."Convexity methods in Hamiltonian mechanics", Springer-Verlag, Ergebnisse der Mathematik und ihrer Grenzgebiete, 3.Folge, Band 19, 1990, 246 p. [cover]

    • see Erratum (corrections) here

    . "Au hasard. La chance, la science et le monde", Editions du Seuil, collection "Science Ouverte", 1991, 200 p;

    • pocket edition, collection "Points Sciences", 2000 [cover] [back]
    • German translation: "Zufall, Glück und Chaos: mathematische Expeditionen", Carl Hanser Verlag, 1993
    • Spanish translation: "Al azar: la suerte, la ciencia y el mundo", Editorial Gedisa, Barcelone, 1993
    • Italian translation: "A caso: la sorte, la scienza e il mondo", Bollati Boringhieri, Turin [cover]  [back]
    • English translation: "The broken dice, and other mathematical tales of chance", Chicago University Press,1993 [cover]  [back]
    • Norwegian translation: "Tilfeldighetens spill" [cover]  [back]
    • Japanese translation [cover]

    9. "Le chaos", Flammarion, collection "Dominos", 1995, 128 p. [cover] [back]

    • Second (augmented) edition, Le Pommier, 
    • Italian translation: "Come funziona il caos", Il Saggiatore, collection "Due Punti", 1997 [cover] [back]
    • Spanish translation: "El chaos" [cover] [back]
    • Greek translation: "To khaos" , edition Traulos-Kostatrake, 1996
    • Corean translation, Younglim Cardinal, 1997
    • Polish translation: "Chaos", Domino, Katowice, 1999
    • German translation: "Chaos", Domino, BLT Lübbe, Bergisch Gladbach, 1999

    10. "Le meilleur des mondes possibles", Seuil, 320p. février 2000  [cover]  [back]

    • Italian translation: "Il migliore dei mondi possibili", Bollati Boringhieri, collection "Saggi", 2001
    • English translation, "The best of all possible worlds", Chicago University Press, [cover] [back]
    • Finnish translation, "Paras madollisista maailmoista"[cover] [back]
    • Japanese translation, [cover] [back]
    • Chinese translation,

    11.  "Cat in Numberland", Cricket Books, Carus Publishing [cover]  [back]
    NOTE: The book is currently out of print, but I still have copies available. If you are interested in having one, please contact me

    • French translation: "Le Chat au pays des nombres", Editions du Pommier,
    • Korean translation:  [cover]

      12.  (with P.A. Chiappori) "The economics and mathematics of aggregation: formal models of groupe behavior", Foundations and Trends in Microeconomics 5 (1-2), 2009 [cover] [back]

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Research papers, grouped  by themeS

1- Mathematics

optimization, convex analysis and non-convex duality

Ekeland's variational principle and applications

Critical point theory, calculus of variations, hamiltonian systems, symplectic capacities

2- Economics and finance

finance and MARKEtS

collective demand, group behaviour and exterior differential calculus

Hedonic models, cities and optimal transportation

sustainable development, intergenerational equity and time inconsistency 


May 22, 2012, Speech at Akershus Castle for the Abel Prize Ceremony (Newsletter of the EMS 85 (2012) 49 [pdf]

"Poincaré a-t-il existé ? " MATAPLI 98 (2012) [pdf]

"L'erreur en mathématiques", Bulletin de l'Association Mathématique du Québec 52 (2012), p,7-11 [pdf]

"How to build stable relationships between  people who lie and cheat", conference given in Milano for the 150th anniversary of the Politecnico, March 1, 2013 [pdf]

"Nouvelles modélisations économiques", contribution au livre "Le développement durable à découvert", Editions du Cnrs, 2013, [pdf]

"Chiffres et modèles",contribution au livre "Mathématiques et Economie"de la collection "Le Monde est Mathématique" dirigée par Cedric Villani, 2013 [pdf]

lecture notes

2003 Lectures on optimal transportation [pdf]

2009 Lectures on climate change [pdf]

2009 Lectures on asymmetry of information in finance [pdf]

2010 Introduction to finance [pdf]


2007 The idea of optimization (public lecture at ICIAM 2007) [pdf]  (note that the first page is blank) [video]

2010 Le tournant des mathématiques financières, pièce en trois actes (Paris, IHP) [pdf]

2010 Identifying individual preferences from group behaviour (Paris, Dauphine) [pdf]

2011 Sommes-nous rationnels ? (Lille) [pdf]

2011 Asymmetry of information in finance (Berlin)  [pdf]

2011 Law-invariant risk measures (Zurich) [pdf] 

2011 From the economics of information to a knowledge society (Santiago de Chile, Bicentenario Congreso Nacional) [pdf]

2012 On the inverse function theorem (Trujillo, Peru) [pdf]

2012 Modelling sustainable development (IHP, Paris, Conference in honor of Sylvain Sorin) [pdf]

2013 Le risque zéro: de l'analyse scientifique au discours politique [pdf]

2013 How to deal with cheaters: moral hazard in continuous time (Milano, 150th Anniversary of the Politecnico) [pdf]

2012 The inverse function theorem (Lausanne, DacorognaFest) [pdf]

2013 If not us, who ? And if not now, when ? Growth theory and sustainable development (TIGER 2013, Toulouse) [pdf]

2014 Mathematics and the planet Earth: a long history together: [part 1] (note the first slide is blank) and [part 2]



"Nouvelles modélisations économiques", contribution au livre "Le développement durable à découvert", Editions du Cnrs, 2013, [pdf]

(with Qinlong Zhou and Yiming Long), "A new class of problems in the calculus of variations " Regular and Chaotic Dynamics (2013)  [pdf]

"The inverse function theorem" (Lausanne, DacorognaFest) [pdf]

(with Marwan Aloqeili and Guillaume Carlier), "Restrictions and identification in a multidimensional risk-sharing problem", Economic Theory, published online 25 December 2013 [pdf]

"If not us, who ? And if not now, when ? Growth theory and sustainable development" (TIGER 2013, Toulouse) [pdf]

"Chiffres et modèles", contribution au livre "Mathématiques et Economie"de la collection "Le Monde est Mathématique" dirigée par Cedric Villani, 2013 [pdf]

 "Mathematics and the planet Earth: a long history" together: [part 1] (note the first slide is blank) and [part 2]

 (with E. Séré)  "An implicit function theorem for non-smooth maps between Fréchet spaces"  working paper, Mars 2014 (pdf)

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